Call for Nominations

Call For Nominations for CCoP Board of Directors

There are many paths to give back to the Camino such as volunteer training and hospitalero work. Here’s another way – serving on the Canadian Company of Pilgrims Board of Directors’.

It’s time for renewing the CCoP Board and we would like qualified and capable members to step forward for the three positions coming open.

We want:

  • A commitment to the values and vision of the Canadian Company of Pilgrims;
  • A willingness to listen carefully and understand others’ views;
  • An ability to think independently and conceptually and to analyze effectively;
  • An openness to learn and to adapt;
  • A commitment to holding oneself and others accountable;
  • An ability to contribute to helping the board develop trust and consensus;
  • An ability to ‘take the long view’ in providing oversight and direction and in anticipating future challenges and opportunities.

Regional representation is important to us, and we will have continuing board members from BC, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, and would welcome applications from other areas.

We hope that applicants bring a knowledge and understanding and affection for the Camino and for pilgrims. Board members meet virtually using online meeting software and we don’t foresee any travel involved.

Please use the below nomination form (Word or PDF), which you can send to us by e-mail ( or by post at: P.O. Box 36025, Victoria BC V9A 7J5.

On the form, tell us about your background, your interest in being on the Board, what you bring to the Canadian Company of Pilgrims, and your vision for the CCoP. We ask that two paid-up members sign the nomination.

We’re operating under tight timelines to give the Committee time to do their work. Think about this, and act by this year’s deadline, October 31, 2018. Nominations will be voted on at the AGM in January, 2019.

Canadian Company of Pilgrims