A Book Review

In 2004, two men took a walk from Entraygues-sur-Truyère about a weeks walk from le Puy-en-Velay, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The musician took his violin, the photographer took his camera and they each took their partner/wife. In 2006, Oliver Schroer released his much praised CD, Camino, and now, Peter Coffman is presenting his beautiful photographic collage/memory of their journey. The black and white photographs are stunning, evocative and for those who have walked the camino, a trigger for memories. His ability to capture light and mood is brilliant.  For those unfamiliar with this famous pilgrimage, the photos will make you yearn to see these places and feel the emotion.

The prose accompanying is sparse, but oh so descriptive of a highlight, an event, a meal, a tender moment, that in reading these vignettes, interspersed with the photographs, one feels to have experienced some of this journey. This is not a guide, nor a travelogue, but a very personal collection of memories of four friends on the Camino.

This book is a perfect partner to Schroer’s music. To sit, read and listen, is to meditate and dwell in the moment. Just as the Camino can be a place for meditation, being in the moment and perhaps finding joy, this book is as well. It is a banquet for the senses.

People who purchase a book will get a download code to access some previously unreleased tracks from Oliver Shroer’s camino album. Orders will be primarily on-line, accessed from the landing page, with shipping going through an Ontario-based partner, Family Pastimes Co-operative games. When you order the book on-line, you will be able to also get a copy of the CD at a reduced rate. The book is being printed in Canada.

For more details about how to order a copy please visit this site: https://www.wintergreenstudios.com/titles/camino/