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Halifax Chapter

The Halifax Chapter of the Canadian Company of Pilgrims is a not-for–profit community organization that invites pilgrims to share their Camino experiences and provide advice for those planning their Camino. Our annual meetings are held in November at the Halifax Central Library and we have partnered with The Trail Shop to present practical packing and equipment information for people interested in walking the camino. Additionally, we schedule group hikes and have hosted hospitalero training. We are on Facebook where our latest events and information are posted.

Contact: John Roy and Maureen Summers

Fredericton Chapter

The Fredericton Chapter of the CCoP supports the Camino de Santiago by hosting spring and fall gatherings to bring together veterans of the Camino and prospective pilgrims to explore the experience, the wisdom and the joy of the Camino and to answer practical planning questions. Each year, returning pilgrims are invited to share their experience and show their pictures at the gatherings.
The chapter maintains a Facebook page and conducts outings, social events and language training and practice.

Contact: Kevin McKinney

Ottawa Chapter

In addition to providing the core of the executive for national level of CCoP from 2008 to 2016, the Ottawa Chapter has continued to offer its own programming of speakers for new and experienced pilgrims several times a year, and Camino 101 training for those going to walk their first Camino.

Contact: Austin Cooke

Toronto Chapter

Toronto Camino Pilgrims are past, present and future pilgrims of The Way of Saint James to Santiago de Compostela. This is one of the largest and most active Chapters in CCoP. They offer two full-day pilgrim meetings each year, as well as social gatherings, films and weekly walks in all seasons.

Contact: Mike Gurski

London Chapter

The Camino Pilgrims of London, is Canada’s newest CCoP chapter. We have had Spring and Fall meetings for over 15 years. Our most popular event is our St James Day celebration in Bayfield. This late July event features a morning 2 hour nature walk, Spanish lunch, yellow arrow camino to a church service and lily garden, followed by a potluck meal. We have been offering a February Camino 101 pilgrim training and labyrinth walks in May. We are proud to offer significant support to a parochial albergue in Monesterio, 100 kms north of Seville on the Via de la Plata. Our pilgrim team also serves a community meal to the less fortunate.

Contact: Tom Friesen

Kitchener-Waterloo Chapter

The Kitchener-Waterloo Chapter of Peregrinos  provides information, inspiration, support and a sense of community for all those who are interested in the ancient pilgrimage routes of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. As a growing group, we hold potluck meetings both in Spring and Fall and  may extend our activities to monthly walks/hikes, coffee or simply connecting. Our facebook page provides information and announcements of future events . Come join us. Ultreia!.

Contact: Ellie Witzke

Winnipeg Chapter

The Winnipeg Chapter started up in November 2008. We hold meetings twice a year, in March and November. Additionally, each month throughout the year we have a Camino Coffee Evening where pilgrims and prospective pilgrims can meet to exchange information and tall stories.

Contact: Ivor Lockhart and Dave Jenkinson

Saskatoon Chapter

The Saskatoon chapter officially launched in late 2016.  Our chapter’s goal is to support people living in the Saskatoon area who are planning to walk, or are interested in knowing more about, the ancient pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela in Spain and related long-distance treks.  We provide practical advice, encouragement and education about the camino experience, including its historical, cultural, spiritual, physical and social dimensions.  Planned annual activities include a camino information event in March or April, a St. James’ Day celebration and walk in July, and a welcome back celebration for returning pilgrims in late November/early December.

Contact: Lea Pennock and Deb Walker

Edmonton Chapter

The Edmonton Chapter of the CCoP holds two meetings a year: fall and spring.
We organize weekly walks (usually on a Saturday).
There is a weekly newsletter update as an e mail.
We hold St James day celebration.
We hold ad hoc events such as movie evenings.

Contact: Thaya McKee

Calgary Chapter

The Calgary Chapter supports pilgrims and those interested in the Camino de Santiago by offering spring and fall meetings; a St James Day potluck and country walk; and an annual one day workshop, Camino 101: Orientation to the Camino for those planning to undertake the pilgrim trail. In addition, hospitalero training is offered every two years; and coffee/walk gatherings twice per month. Our Facebook page provides information on upcoming events and news of interest.

Contact: Judy Gayford

Whitehorse Chapter

Based in the Yukon Territory, the Whitehorse Chapter of the CCoP is in its infancy – working on getting established in 2017. We aim to support and promote the Camino de Santiago by hosting gatherings that bring together Camino veterans and prospective pilgrims to explore the experience, the lessons learned and the friendships and love of the Camino while helping in trip planning and answering questions. We hope to invite our veteran pilgrims to share their experiences, their photos and their resources so that others can be equally inspired.  We maintain a Facebook page and plan to offer opportunities for hiking outings, social / cultural events including language practice. Ultreia!

Contact: Dianne Homan and Brigitte Parker

Vancouver Chapter

The Greater Vancouver Chapter supports aspiring and returning pilgrims by hosting weekly practice walks from mid-January through October, biannual meetings in the spring and fall, and special events from time to time.

Our walks include both local loop or out-and-back routes as well as multi-stage one-way walks around and throughout the lower mainland. As such, they are a great way not only to prepare for the Camino and enjoy the company of fellow pilgrims, but also to explore our beautiful region. They are open to all.

Our biannual meetings are a great opportunity for returning pilgrims to share their experiences and for aspiring pilgrims to learn more about specific routes, gear, and the daily necessities on the Camino. Aspiring and experienced pilgrims are welcome to attend.

Contact:  Donna Coutts and John MacLean

Victoria Chapter

The Victoria Chapter was started in 2004 by a couple of recently returned pilgrims, who wondered if anyone else out there was interested in the Camino. Since then we have grown by leaps and bounds, and it’s safe to say there is a very strong interest in the Camino amongst the residents of Victoria, the Gulf Islands and the rest of Vancouver Island too. Our meetings also attract pilgrims from the mainland and from Washington state.

The goal of our Chapter is to provide a forum for the exchange of information about the Camino and also offer practical training and information sessions to prospective pilgrims of all religions or none, who are planning on walking, cycling or horseback journey along one of the many Camino de Santiago routes.

Our main pilgrim gathering for the year, held in the Spring, is an all-day conference-style meeting, providing information for new pilgrims as well as programs of interest for experienced pilgrims. We also hold a Fall gathering for recently returned pilgrims, and a Camino 101 for those planning their first pilgrimage. Pre-registration is required for these events.

Contact: Mary Virtue

New Chapters

These Chapters are relatively new in getting established. Contact the coordinators for information about planned meetings.

Hamilton Contact: Loretta Ray
Kelowna Contact: David Cram and George Forshaw


Local Contacts

These Local Contacts can respond to inquiries or provide basic information within their communities, but they do not offer regular meetings or activities.

Kingston Contact: Nan Hudson
Trenton Contact: Louise Maziarski

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