Camino Spirit Fund

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Helping Hands
We know that many of our members are looking for ways to ‘give back’ to the Camino. A donation to our Camino Spirit Fund enables us to support the Camino by meeting short-term needs or funding larger projects that relate to services along the Camino de Santiago routes.

What are the funds used for?
Our Camino Spirit Fund directs support to businesses and projects that serve pilgrims along the Camino, such as albergues and other pilgrim infrastructure. Funds may be used to help with operating costs like replacing bedding and furniture, to pay for renovations, or to meet unexpected costs such as purchasing a new boiler. In addition, on occasion CCoP may create a campaign to support a special initiative such as the John Brierley Memorial Fund (see below).

Special Project – Honouring John Brierley
John Brierley gave so much to the pilgrims of the Camino through the books he wrote based on his own experiences walking pilgrimages. His books not only guided pilgrims on the physical paths but also spoke to their spirits.

John had a vision that the Camino Portuguese from Lisbon should be improved as a viable long-distance route. In his honour, and with the support of his family and other international pilgrim associations, CCoP wishes to join the mission to bring John’s vision to reality.

The aim of the project is to support the overall pilgrim infrastructure of the route starting with the provision of a new albergue on the first stage out of Lisbon. CCoP will be part of an international steering committee that is being formed to provide guidance and set in place the first steps of this project. This committee’s efforts will honour and reflect the vision of the late John Brierley.

CCoP is providing this donation option with all funds collected going directly to the international John Brierley Memorial Fund. For a limited time (until Dec 31, 2023) CCoP has designated $5,000 to match any donations received for this project. With your help we can reach our goal of raising $10,000 ($5,000 from members, $5,000 from CCoP).

How are the recipients selected?
Other than special projects, our donation committee relies on suggestions by our Canadian Company of Pilgrims (CCoP) members and chapters, our contacts in Spain, the Camino Forums, Egeria House, and communications with hosts on the Camino to identify eligible recipients and projects. Our constant communication with these contacts allows us to respond to any need very quickly. The committee works together to review and quickly approve the donation requests and then forwards these funds immediately.
The recipients of our donations are so very grateful and have expressed their thanks in photos and emails. View our Thanks and Photos page if you’d like to see how they love Canadians.

What albergues has CCoP supported?
CCoP has already allocated funds to a number of albergues, thanks to generous donations from our members. We encourage you to consult our list of these albergues for your future pilgrimages, so you can visit them and identify yourself as a member of CCoP. This will allow us to continue building and strengthening the relationships our campaign has begun. Our map indicates where these recipients are located.

How much should I donate?
A typical day on the Camino generally costs about 35€ or $50 Canadian. Donate “A Day on the Camino” or a few days, or as much as you wish! As a volunteer organization our costs are minimal and we are able to donate every dollar received to support Camino businesses.

How can I donate?
Donating is easy and simple. Just sign in as a member, and upon payment by credit card, you will receive a “Thank You” confirmation email. As a Canadian non-soliciting Not-for-Profit Corporation, the CCoP can accept donations only from members. It’s easy to sign up to become a member.

Will I get any recognition of my donation?
CCoP is not a registered charity; therefore we cannot issue a charitable tax receipt. But you will be counted amongst over 500 pilgrims who have already donated. For privacy reasons we do not list donor names.

We all desire to keep the Camino alive so that we can enjoy the pilgrim experience of a wonderful day’s walk, a delicious café con leche at a bar, a vino tinto with a pilgrim meal, and an overnight stay at our favourite albergue. Your donation is your gift back to the Camino and your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

Altogether so far, funds in excess of $50,000 have been used to support the Camino as identified by the green stars in the accompanying map.


Map Of Spain Showing Organizations Supported