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The CCoP has recently changed its policy for membership and we offer one membership per person. What this means is that if you are interested in purchasing a credencial for you and a partner, then the partner will need to have a seperate account and email from you. Once you are finished purchasing your credencial, you would simply click on the Member Sign-Up link and create an account for the second person using his/her email, name and address.

Thank you for your support!


Lauren Rendle
President of Canadian Company of Pilgrims

The cost for the credencial and badge is $5 each and you can purchase two credencials personalized just for you.

If you would like to purchase a credencial for another person, purchase your credencial first and when you are finished, simply purchase a membership with the second name and email and purchase the credencial under that account.

Manage your member account with us at anytime. You can:

  • Renew your membership;
  • Change your email, address, and contact information;
  • Change your password;
  • Change the Chapter you belong to;
  • Add or delete which chapter emails you are receiving;
  • Tell us more about yourself like which Caminos you have walked, are you a trained Hospitalero or if you ever worked in the Pilgrim office in Santiago;
  • Change your membership to automatically renew each year; and
  • Print a personalized membership card.

Canadian Company of Pilgrims