Videos of Interest

Speakers at our Pilgrim Gatherings

Laurie Dennett: The Camino Then and Now (2023)

John Rafferty: Pilgrimage, the Camino and Hope (2022)

Panel: What does it mean to be a pilgrim? (2021)

John Brierley: Spritual Awakening on the Camino (2019)

Advice on Walking a Camino

Walking the Camino

Packing for your Camino

Training for your Camino

Food and wines of the Camino

Pilgrimage in the Internet Age

Camino Routes

Camino Routes in Spain and Portugal

Camino Francés

Camino Primitivo

Camino Sanabres

Camino del Norte

Camino Portuguese

Camino Portuguese (Richard & Darlene De Merchant)

Camino Routes in France and Italy

Chemin d’Arles

Camino Le Puy

Via Francigena

Interviews of Interest

Interview with the Rev. Sandy Brown, who has walked over 12,000kms on Caminos

Interview with Laurie Dennett about the fifth chapter (entitled “To Be a Pilgrim”) of her book, Waybread

Interview with Tom Friesen, who is a CCoP board member and hospitalero/a trainer

Interview with Maggie MacLaren, who completed a camino in her 80s

Interview with Rebekah Scott, who is a co-founder of the Peaceable Kingdom in Moratinos, Spain

Interview with Mary Virtue, who is a CCoP board member and a chapter co-coordinator for Victoria, BC

We would like to acknowledge the Victoria Chapter of the CCoP for
all their work producing and providing many of the videos on this page

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